Live updates with Andrew Luck @NFL_UK in London


19:40 – Here at the Mermaid Theatre which is in Blackfriars, City of London for the Andrew Luck Q&A session….updates to come throughout the night here and on @awmcs


19:57 – Andrew Luck profile on the Indianapolis Colts profile HERE.

20:02 – Neil Reynolds, NFL presenter on Sky Sports introduces the night. He tells the audience that the NFL UK asked the Colts for some footage to show for the event and they came back with a special video that Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano had made for just coaches and players. It starts with “everything we do is for winning”.


20:26 – After taking some questions from fans, Andrew is now doing a ‘guess the quarterback’ challenge with photoshopped images. He just had his Dad on screen.  All this was after he got busted with his old phone courtesy of teammate Matt Hasselbeck.

20:42 – Andrew is now going through what he says is the “timeline of a snap.”

20:50 – When asked about his NFL debut on September 9th against the Bears at Soldier’s Field in Chicago and facing Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher:

“I was like ‘holy shit’,  but you get over the ‘star’ aspect of it. For me the star aspect was when I walked in to our locker room and Dwight Freeney shouted “HEY ROOKIE get over to my locker now”.

“It was neat to see Urlacher retiring and one day I will look back and say it was neat to play against him, but once the ball snaps the opposition are nameless, faceless personnel – not to discredit them, but you can’t get caught up in this; it’s a disservice to your teammates.

“The nice thing about sports though is that you can claim your own personality. You can be the nicest guy off the field and then you put the helmet on can turn into an animal a monster.

“It is a respite away from life – for the guys that hit it is almost therapeutic for them in a backwards way.”

21:12 – Andrew Luck is now playing ‘Finish the Sentence’ with Neil Reynolds…

On where he received the most abuse from fans:

“Baltimore, when you’ve got a father and a son mooning you…then you know, but if you don’t get mooned then it is a sign of respect.”

On the best stadium in the NFL:

“Soldier’s Field.”

I don’t like playing football when…

“I get hit.”

My English accent is great, for example:

“Bloody hell! (said in an accent).”

The biggest trash talker is:

“Clay Matthews doesn’t talk trash, but he talks a lot.”

The song you would like Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay to sing in the locker room is:

“Baby Got Back.”

On team flights, I would never sit next to:

“Cory Redding – he is huge.”

The most diva-ish thing I have done since going pro is:

“I have done a lot of diva things – this is a question you need to ask my girlfriend. Funny story, in London in the off-season, trying to get into a dance club. I rocked up there and said, I didn’t want to say it, and the guy said ‘go to the back of the line’ – I will never do that again.”

21:38 – The night is over, full report to follow this weekend. Andrew Luck is now signing autographs for fans before heading back to his hotel and then going to Wembley tomorrow afternoon for the UEFA Champions League Final – he is a big ‘soccer’ fan.



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