Kickz with Kicks

Kickz Logo

Kickz, which was managed by a central team encompassing staff from both the Premier League and Metropolitan Police, started off in the offices of the Premier League at 30 Gloucester Place with the Football Foundation.

The Football Foundation then moved out to Goodge Street and then, after the Premier League and Football Foundation parted ways with their social cohesion work, Kickz moved to Active Communities Network in early 2011, a grassroots delivery and management charity based at London Bridge.

Over the past two years the Kickz Central Team have slowly been phased out, including members of staff who were there at the beginning of the programme in 2006, and as of midnight on the 31st August 2013 the Kickz Central Team no longer existed as the newly-formed Premier League Charitable Fund (PLCF), with an annual income of £12,411,269, absorbed the programme into their PLCF team, complete with four members of staff.

Interestingly, ‘Kickz’ has had a long-term dialogue with the German-based – an online trainer/sport shoe retailer – regarding the use of the trademark ‘Kickz’, and is now referring to it as ‘Premier League Kicks’, without any explanation.

So, whilst the Premier League defend their ethics and talk about all the good they do in their communities – and they do fund some fantastic programmes – their one flagship programme has moved away from making a fundamental difference to the communities in which it operates and saving the criminal justice system money to one of sports participation and Government lobbying.


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