Ponder: “London was awesome”

Christian Ponder

Vikings’ Quarterback Christian Ponder spoke to A Head For The Game following his sides’ victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Wembley.

by Andrew McSteen

A Head For The Game: How was it to play a’home’ game at Wembley?

Christian Ponder: It was awesome. I think that the fans really made it feel like a home game for us. It was really loud, they’re kinda getting a hang on when to cheer and when not to cheer. We saw the wave at some point I think; it was great.

This game night was awesome and this whole week, and I think I speak for all the guys, it was great.  London was great hosts, the fans were awesome and we really enjoyed our time here.

A Head For The Game: Looking forward to your week off?

Christian Ponder: I have all week next week – the bye week – to get healthy, do a lot of treatment; the pain is going down which is good. We’ll just have to see if the bones heal together within two weeks so I can play for Carolina.

A Head For The Game: It became very close at the end there, were you worried at all?

Christian Ponder: There’s always nerves when it comes down to the last seconds of the game. Our defence really stepped up at the end and we got a turnover to seal the game and I hope the fans really enjoyed it –they really enjoyed it.

A Head For The Game: You got to spend some time away with the squad – a whole week – which is not your normal pre-match preparation. How did that feel?

Christian Ponder: I think it was great – we had all the time to spend together in hotels and we had time to hang out. I think everyone enjoyed it, we had the opportunity to come closer – we had three losses before this game so it was time for everyone to come together and try to change things around so it worked out.

A Head For The Game: What have people been saying about this game back in the USA?

Christian Ponder: I didn’t turn on the international plan on my phone so I didn’t get many text messages or do much text messaging. I know people were interested and quite a few people wanted to come over but unfortunately it didn’t work out but it sounded like a lot of people were interested in this London game , so I don’t know if we are going to play one again anytime soon, whether next year or anytime later. If we do, I will definitely look forward to it.

A Head For The Game: Anything particularly stand out for you on this trip, away from the football?

Christian Ponder: For me, personally, I really enjoyed my time. The people were great hosts, the people were very kind to us. London is such an historical place and I love that kind of stuff so I think that everyone needs to be receptive to it, it is a long flight to get over here but it is a great time for everybody.

Next time I will be healthy hopefully.


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