Vikings’ centre Sullivan says Wembley experience will not be forgotten

John Sullivan

Minnesota Vikings’ Centre John Sullivan spoke to A Head for the Game in the locker room following his sides’ win over the Pittsburgh Steelers at Wembley.

by Andrew McSteen

“It’s just amazing to just go out there. We worked this week in practice, battled this group of guys and to get a win against a good football team – I don’t care what the Steelers’ record is – it’s a winning football programme and I feel fortunate that we could come here and get a win today.

The crowd was amazing, it was electric inside Wembley and it is an experience none of us will ever forget.

We obviously love our fans back in Minnesota but at the same time today we understand that we are ambassadors for the sport of American Football and we really did have incredible support here today.

I want to thank all the UK fans, they have been amazing since all the time I was over here back in March, the reaction has been incredible and their knowledge has been amazing.  It’s been a real pleasure so thank you.

You try and put it in your head as just a normal game but at the same time you are travelling overseas, playing in a foreign country; there are obvious differences.

But I think everybody embraced this trip, we embraced England; we love being over here and experiencing a new culture and a new country, but at the same time we were focussed on what’s important so we got our work in during the week, we didn’t allow ourselves to be too distracted and we got a win.

The trip over in March definitely helped me familiarise myself with the time change and what it was going to take.

Obviously you’re building camaraderie, but we have a lot of that already. It was just a great experience in terms of exposing this sport to other parts of the world. From a team perspective it all comes down to winning and losing, nothing more than that. We needed a win in the worst way, 1-3 is way much better than 0-4I can’t even explain it – this was a good week for us.

The bye is very necessary for us right now, especially with the travel. Our operations staff did a good job, but at the same time it’s hard on your bodies; travelling and then obviously playing. So the bye week, no matter where it is in the week, is always welcome.

You can’t take too much of a macrofocus on the season it’s got to be one game at a time. We are now 1-3 and the best we can be after the next game is 2-3 and that’s what we’re focussed on – we want to get our second win.”


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