“Incredible atmosphere” at Wembley for Rudolph

Kyle Rudolph

Vikings’ Tight End Kyle Rudolph spoke to A Head for the Game in the locker room following his sides’ victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Wembley.

by Andrew McSteen

“I definitely think that had us going come game time today. We’ve got the night here and then we’ll head back tomorrow morning.

It’s been an incredible experience for us, we feel that we’re able to come here together as a team , get a lot closer this week and hopefully that will springboard us, after the bye week, to success for the rest of the season.

We feel like it was extremely important for us to get our first win going into the bye week and now we have a chance to go back and maybe correct some things we have done over the last few weeks.  We feel like spending the bye week after a win is a lot better than after a loss. We’re glad we got the bye and we have the opportunity to come back for the last 12 games of the season and make a run for the play-offs.

I brought a lot of stuff back home after the road trip so I tried to do all my shopping then. I have not turned my phone on yet after the game but I have stayed in contact with everybody throughout the week.

It’s extremely important for us to get our first win, to get the first one under our belt. We have had such a great trip here this week and hopefully this can springboard us and give us a lot of momentum moving forward.

The incredible atmosphere we had here with the fans, playing on such an historical pitch as Wembley, to go back and tell them how exciting the game was and how electric the atmosphere was.

Hawaii is gorgeous in February so it’s going to be tough to convince those guys to move it but it would be awesome, not only to continue this but to try and get more games.”


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