Montana confident Europe will fall in love with the NFL again

Joe Montana UKSpeaking on Sky Sports ahead of the International Series match between the San Francisco 49ers and Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL legend Joe Montana was in no doubt that the NFL will make its mark in Europe again.

“Once the international sports fans get more of an understanding of the game, they’re going to do exactly what the US has done and fall in love with it.

“It’s crazy popular there and I think it will be here. It’s a very physical game in different ways in which they’re used to seeing physical.  But once they get the understanding of the game and strategy of the game, where, unlike European football, there’s more of a chess match and then the chess pieces don’t move they just run into each other at full speed like a car accident so people, for some reason, like that contact.

“The sports fans over here are tremendous and if you watch the European football the fans are absolutely absurd so I don’t see any reason why it won’t catch on over here.

“We had a blast (at Wembley), we travelled to London, to Berlin, we went to Tokyo and getting off of the road and getting out to where fans see you for the first time – not only was it fun playing, it was fun being able to be in London and be in Berlin to see the sights and have the time off that you had to enjoy the history of the cities you were in.”

Photo courtesy: NFL UK


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