“Not the way we want it” – Scobee reflects on Jags loss in London

Jags Wembley 2013

by Andrew McSteen

“We are disappointed with our performance,” said Jacksonville Jaguars’ kicker Josh Scobee to A Head For The Game following his sides’ 42-10 loss at Wembley against the 49ers.

“It’s a team game, anytime the team wins, regardless of how you play you feel like you didn’t do your job so it’s tough. The score was 42-10 so it’s not very close and not the way we want it. So we need to continue to keep building – we have a week off now and have time to reflect, try to eliminate a lot of the negatives and build on some positives.

“You don’t really see the owners too much after the game or throughout the week.

“You need the rest week, we have it right at the mid-point of the season we’ve had eight and we have eight more as a kicker though I don’t physically need the break, it’s more of a mental thing, you just kind of unload for a little while, get away from the game, spend some time with your family and get back to it whenever we start practice again.

“For these guys they need the physical break, some guys have been beaten up and they need time to heal and that’s why the bye week is so crucial.

“We learned a lot about how the weather is here, obviously how bad it was out there and we were expecting it to be very windy in here but it wasn’t windy at all. The field conditions were tough for kicking to tell you the truth and if they could somehow improve the grass for the next game that would be phenomenal but that’s something you don’t control so you don’t really worry about it until gameday.

“We have a different type of grass there but for the most part it’s the same. The surface here is very slick. I had to change cleats from a normal, moulded cleat that’s about a quarter of an inch to a screw-in that’s about half-an-inch so I travel with two different types of cleats so I just had to use the one that was for more of a soft ground.

“Our equipment guys is always on it with us and always makes sure he is prepared and I am sure they were some other guys that changed from moulded screws to screw-ins.

“They have Chicarito who plays for Man Utd so I can’t just follow them anymore so I have to now go for Fulham.

“That is pretty cool. I can see that I came to Wembley and went 100% on kicks, so that’s a pretty cool feeling but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to do much damage but it was a fun experience – the crowd were amazing, they were loud at times – it was great. We look forward to coming here in the future and hopefully get some wins.

“It doesn’t make any difference that we now know our Wembley opponents for 2014 right now because it could be a completely different team. It’s pretty cool that we’re playing the Cowboys as we call them ‘Americas Team’ for a reason because they have a huge following.

“I grew up in Texas, a couple of hours from there, so I have some friends on the team and it will be fun to see them and play against a team that brings a big fanbase.

“We’re going to keep on trying, this is a never-ending process of trying to get better. We’re obviously not at the stage where we would like to be right now. We’ll try to get better each week.”

Picture courtesy: NFL UK


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