New York Jets’ Giacomini: Our sport is growing all over the world

by Andrew McSteen

New York Jets tackle Breno Giacomini talked to A Head For The Game after his sides’ 27-14 win over Miami Dolphins at Wembley Stadium in the first of the three International Series games in London this year.

“I’m feeling good,” said the 30-year-old in the locker room after the match. “You know, it’s a good win; to prepare and come and travel as far as we did and get that win was good.

“We had a good start but the Dolphins are a good team and even though they started a little slow, they definitely finished strong.

“We kept giving them chances and kept giving them life with the penalties [we gave away]. We’ve got to clean that up but it’s definitely good to get a win going into a bye week that’s for sure.

“We’ll get better; the coaches will do their work and we’ll be watching more film and rest our bodies – I’m a little bit banged up – but we need to finish better and play smarter.”

Giacomini, who was involved in 83 plays in the match, was also quick to point out that despite the European location, the game in west London was business as usual, but with an overriding feeling of being part of something special.

“It’s business – that’s how you’ve got to treat it,” said the Cambridge, Massachusetts native. “Games are always a championship game as you never know what game is going to put you over the edge and into the post-season.

“We’ve got to treat them all of the same; they’re all championship games for us and that was a division win too so that was huge.

“It was awesome playing in front of a sold-out, international crowd and seeing them getting into it which is awesome; it’s a good thing when our sport can grow all over the world.

“To see the sold out stadium, the fan rally and the huge support of the sport of American Football here has been great.”


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